The crew

Helping Steve Reifenberg writing articles for this blog about international volunteering, you will find Daniel Saver and Enrique Belenguer. Both of them have volunteer experience in South America, working with VEGlobal.

Enrique Belenguer

Enrique Belenguer

Daniel Saver was the Director of Volunteer Relations at VEGlobal. He was volunteering in Domingo Savio full time beginning in September 2007, until he became Director in May 2008.  He is currently a law student at the Harvard Law School in Cambridge, MA.

Enrique Belenguer was the Director of Communty Relations and Marketing at VEGlobal. He was volunteering full time in Chile from December 2007 until May 2008 in CTD Proniño, a transtion center for children in social risk, and currently volunteers in EntreTodas, a shelter for teenage girls.  He has now returned to his native Spain and is currently working for a public relations firm there.

At the University of Notre Dame, Thomas Mitchell is helping Steve maintain and update this blog, while working as an intern at the Kellogg Institute for International Studies.